A Busy Day in the Shop

This week we got so much done in the shop! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…check out what we did below.

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Seriously Fun


Happy Orange Marshmallows!

Learning about safety doesn’t always need to be serious. Today we had a lot of fun learning how to put on survival suits. These “Orange Marshmallow Suits” are an important piece of safety gear on many vessels providing flotation, insulation, and reflection in the case of capsize. It’s important to know how to put one on before you’d ever need to use it.


After sizing our suits and putting them on, everyone was giggling with how big and awkward they felt. We also noticed that we were feeling nice and toasty inside. Then we set out to try and move in them! Lara created an obstacle course for us- we had to jump over a rope, crawl under the table, tie a knot correctly, then climb back under the table and jump back over the rope. It was a really fun challenge and we got learn what it is like to work while wearing the suits.

At the end of the day, we spent more time working on our tool trays and started creating a pattern for the oars we will build to go with our boat. Our smiles tell the story- it was a really fun day!


Everyone is making progress on their tool trays.

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Cutting Straight and Strong.

Today was about playing games and mastering blades! The girls played some delightful get to know you games and then dived into Shop Time. There everyone worked on their tool trays, with chisels, planes and saws they used their strength and focus to cut straight clean lines for their trays. And learned some excellent skills in the process!

We also had lovely a lovely guest volunteer Amanda, who added great humor and thoughtfulness to our day.

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Winter session begins!

Yesterday was our first day of winter session. The shop was a-buzz as we got back into the rhythm of work. We are excited to have three new girls joining our group this winter.

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Tools! Tools!

“There’s something about these vessels that cause some kind of hypnotism, you do things you’d never dream of doing in your ordinary mind” -Irving Johnson

Today was the last day of our fall session, to celebrate we made popcorn and watched “Around Cape Horn.” Filmed in 1929, it depicts the voyage of the 4 masted steel Barque Peking as it journeyed around Cape Horn. This spurred a spirited discussion of the challenges and rewards of traditional sailing!

Around Cape Horn.JPG

Then it was time to get more shop time!

Tools we used:

Plow Plane- To groove the bottom of tool trays for floating bases to fit in.and

Marking Gauge and Combination Square- For layout of half-laps.

Handsaws- Each girl found a different preference for Japanese pull saws or western push saws to cut their tool tray half laps.

Chisels- To clean up the half laps and make them fit perfectly!

Hot Glue Gun- Don’t underestimate these, we use them to pattern our boat frames.

Bandsaw- To cut out boat frames.

Handplanes- To refine and fit boat frames.

Cordless Drill- To fasten our finished frames into place.

What a bunch of useful tools the girls have been mastering here at the Girls Boat Project!

Hover over the following pictures for descriptions.


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Nothing is like an adventure with your friends, to feel the breeze through your hair and the splash of water on your hands and face.

Amazing how the beauty of nature can clear your mind, make you forget your worries.

“Very little is needed to live a happy life; it is all within yourself; in the way of thinking.”
~Marcus Aurelius

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We Are All Friends Here!


Someone once quoted “As we grow up we realize it is less important to have lots of friends and more important to have real ones.” In the Girls Boat Project all of us are friends as well as a team. The Girls Boat Project is truly a honor to be apart of, it is an amazing program and tons of FUN!!! We meet once a week at the Maritime Center where we build boats in the wood shop and talk about safety, we also get to learn how to sail  and row boats all by the amazing view of the water, beach, and mountains. There is nothing I’d rather do on a Wednesday afternoon than be with these amazing people.

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